Kwik-Fit Compression EMT

Steel EMT with an integral compression fitting.

  • Integral compression fitting formed on one end of each length of EMT
  • Fast, two step installation
  • Material and Labor Savings up to 50%*
  • No separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install

Plus all the benefits of E-Z Pull® EMT:

  • Hot galvanized steel using patented inline Flo-Coat® process for long lasting exterior protection
  • E-Z Pull® interior coating provides a smooth surface for faster wire pulling
  • Excellent mechanical protection for conductors
  • Ductility for faster and easier bending
  • High grade mild strip steel for durability and longer life
  • Listed to Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard UL 797
  • Manufactured in accordance with ANSI C80.3
  • Available in trade sizes 1 1/4 (35) – 4 (103)

* Installation time will vary with job site conditions.

Calculate your savings now, with our Kwik-Fit® Calculator!

Installation Steps

  • Kwik-Fit<sup>®</sup> Compression Step 1

    Step 1

    Insert the plain end of the EMT into the integral fitting end of another piece of Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT. Insert fully until seated.

  • Kwik-Fit<sup>®</sup> Compression Step 2

    Step 2

    Turn the gland nut until it is snug. Tighten nut with pliers or wrench. Done! Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT can reduce the installation time by over 50%*.

    * Installation time will vary with job site conditions.

Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT

Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT has all the benefits of E-Z Pull® EMT with integrated couplings. These built-in couplings significantly reduce installation time, and eliminate the need to purchase, inventory, and install separate couplings.

On the Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT, simply insert the plain end of the EMT into the compression coupling end and tighten the gland nut. Unlike traditional compression couplings, only one gland nut needs to be tightened.

Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT can reduce the installation time up to 50%. Installation time will vary with job site conditions.


Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT is made from our E-Z Pull® EMT. The all steel combinations result in superior strength, performance and an excellent ground return path along with the benefits of built-in couplings. Allied’s superior E-Z Pull® interior coating allows easier wire pulling while lowering the coefficient of static friction.

E-Z Pull® EMT is hot galvanized on the exterior with a patented inline Flo-Coat® process providing long-lasting protection. This process combines zinc, a conversion coating, and a clear organic polymer topcoat to form a triple layer of protection against corrosion and abrasion.

Codes & Standards Compliance

Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT is allowed for PLENUM USE and meets the requirements of section 300.22 of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®). Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT meets the requirements of sections 18-27- 300.22(b)(1) and 18-27-300.22(c)(1)(a) of the Chicago Electrical Code.

ULKwik-Fit® Compression EMT is Listed to UL Safety Standards 797 and 514-B and is UL listed as CONCRETE-TIGHT. Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT also meets ANSI Standard C80.3.

Note that these UL and ANSI standards have been adopted by the federal government and separate military specifications no longer exist.

Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT

Trade SizeMetric DesignatorOutside Diameter*Nominal Wall ThicknessApprox Weight Per 100 Ft (30.5M)Qty in Master Bundle
*Outside diameter tolerances +/- .005 in. (.13mm) for size 1-1/4 (35) through 2 (53)
+/- .010 in. (.25mm) for size 2-1/2 (63);
+/- .015 in. (.38mm) for size 3 (78);
+/- .020 in. (.50mm) for sizes 3-1/2 (91) and 4 (103).
NOTE: Length = 10 ft. (3.05m) with a tolerance of +/- .25 in. (6mm)
1 1/4351.51038.350.0651.6510748.5840256.0
1 1/2411.74044.200.0651.6512556.7720219.5
2 1/2632.87573.030.0721.83239108.4350106.7
3 1/2914.000101.600.0832.11383173.725076.2