Allied Tube & Conduit® is part of Atkore International®; the Premier Supplier of Electrical Raceway Systems from curb to outlet for the Electrical Industry. We are committed to working with the Electrical Industry to continue developing innovative solutions for all of your wiring needs.

In today’s world the ability to value engineer jobs to Save Time and Money are critical. With this in mind Allied Tube & Conduit® has developed several products which do exactly that: Save You Time and Money.

Allied Tube & Conduit® Kwik products are available in Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT), Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC), and Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit (GRC). Allied Tube & Conduit® patented an innovative design which allows for a coupling or fitting to be an integral part of the conduit. This integral coupling/fitting allows installers to put together conduit systems quicker.

The following are raceway solutions available in the Kwik alternative.

Electrical Metallic Tubing
(EMT) Raceway
Intermediate Metal Conduit
(IMC) Raceway
Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit
(GRC) Raceway
Kwik-Fit EMTKwik-Couple IMCKwik-Couple GRC
Kwik-Fit Compression EMTKwik-Couple GRC ElbowsKwik-Couple GRC Elbows
Super Kwik-Couple IMCSuper Kwik-Couple GRC

True Color Conduit made by Allied Tube & Conduit® allows you to quickly identify circuits. By adding a color to the top coat applied to our conduit, Allied Tube & Conduit® is able to provide distributors and installers with pre-colored raceways designed with specific circuits in mind. No more need to spend time painting Conduit in the field.

Over 50 years ago, Allied Tube & Conduit® began changing and revolutionizing the steel conduit Industry with their inline Flo-Coat® technology. Today, Allied Tube & Conduit® continues our commitment to the electrical industry by developing innovative Raceway Solutions. These innovative solutions along with our specially formulated interior and exterior coatings make Allied Tube & Conduit® the electrical conduit raceway manufacturer of choice for owners, specifiers, engineers, and distributors across North America.

For a complete list of Allied Tube & Conduit®’s Specialty Conduit Solutions and how they can Save You Time and Money please browse our offerings and experience the benefits of Allied Tube & Conduit®.

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    Super Kwik-Couple® GRC

    Super Kwik-Couple® GRC is a revolutionary product with an integrated coupling that connects to IMC, EMT, or other GRC whether it’s threaded or unthreaded.

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    Super Kwik-Couple® IMC

    Super Kwik-Couple® IMC is a revolutionary product with an integrated coupling that connects to GRC, EMT, or other IMC whether it’s threaded or unthreaded.

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    Kwik-Couple® GRC

    There are no separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install. High grade durable and ductile steel for long life and corrosion resistant exterior and interior finishes.

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    Kwik-Couple® IMC Steel Conduit

    Factory-installed couplings on IMC conduit, 30% lighter than GRC, eliminate the need to purchase, store, & install separate couplings. Installation is faster. Both material & labor costs are reduced.

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    Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT

    All the benefits of E-Z Pull® EMT with an integrated coupling. This significantly reduces installation time, and eliminates the need to purchase inventory, and install separate couplings.

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    True Color EMT

    True Color EMT’s is available in 8 vibrant colors to provide instant identification of multiple circuit systems.

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    Kwik-Fit® EMT

    Kwik-Fit® EMT is manufactured from high quality steel with a built-in set-screw coupling, eliminating the need to purchase inventory, and install separate couplings.

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    Kwik-Couple® Elbows

    Allied Tube & Conduit® offers the factory installed Kwik-Couple® on any of the Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit in 45°, 90° and 90° Large Radius Elbows.