For convenient access to wires for pulling, splicing, maintenance and inspection, Allied Tube & Conduit® proudly offers Conduit Bodies, Covers and Gaskets. Main materials used are malleable iron, grey iron, aluminum and steel.

Conduit Bodies are available in a wide range of trade sizes, volumes, and wire fills. Our conduit bodies are available in eight different configurations from one port to four ports, along with ten different trade sizes. The ports have internal tapered threads to prevent moisture intrusion when used with pipes and fittings with mating tapered threads. Some versions have set screws for non-threaded pipes.

Covers are either made of formed steel, aluminum, or malleable iron. Our covers are mounted using screws (Form 5) or wedge brackets (Form 7). Covers are also fitted with plain neoprene gaskets, or integrated gaskets designed to prevent intrusion of pressurized water.

Our cover with an integrated gasket has a neoprene gasket that is attached to the metal cover by its elasticity. This provides a positive seal in pressurized water or hose-down conditions.

Conduit Bodies, Covers and Gaskets are UL® listed to safety standard UL® 514A and the UL® file number is E208392. Our Conduit Bodies, Covers and Gaskets are approved for Dry/Wet locations and have a NEMA 4 rating.