For those applications utilizing armored cable, flexible metal conduit and interlocked metal clad cables, Allied Tube & Conduit® Fittings has Flex MC & AC Connectors.

Zinc plated and made from malleable iron steel and zinc die-cast, our Flex MC/AC Connectors are used for armored cable, flexible metal conduit and interlocked metal clad cables.

Allied Tube & Conduit® cable retention method design uses a double-bite saddle clamp which comes down over the cable grooves using a screw clamp built-in the material to squeeze the cable as in the malleable iron connectors.  Lock-nut free connectors use screw driven clamps or spring loaded double bite saddle clamps.  The space-saver double-bite saddle type saves space inside the metallic box by eliminating protruding threads.

Our Double Bite size saddle type connectors are a revolutionary product that can retain a much larger range of cable sizes which starts from 14/2 or as small as .350” diameter.

Flex MC/AC Connectors UL Listed under file numbers E238299 and E207875 to meet safety standard 514B.  Dry locations for squeeze and saddle type connectors and dry/wet for parking deck connectors.  All connectors are concrete-tight as long as they are taped properly.

Allied Tube & Conduit® Connectors are used to mount flexible conduit, AC, MC, MCI-A and HCF cables to metallic boxes.  Transition couplings bring together flexible cables and EMT or Rigid/IMC conduits.