16 Jul 2018

In 2012, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) made changes to the Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems (FHIT Systems) listing program.

These changes require the entire electrical circuit protective system undergo testing for the 2-hour rating, and that such rating be issued for the full system. The rating must also list all combinations of components and materials specified in each individual system.

Until now, systems including cable in a galvanized steel raceway only included EMT. IMC is now also included in FHIT system number 40A with Comtran Cable LLC’s Vitalink® Cable. The addition of IMC to FHIT system 40A along with the current FHIT systems including E-Z Pull® EMT (25A, 25B, 28A, 28B, 28C, 40, and 40A) offers Allied Tube & Conduit® customers a variety of 2-hour fire rated system options. The addition of IMC provides a versatile wiring method that is suitable for all atmospheric conditions according to article 342 of the National Electrical Code®.

View the UL listing for FHIT system 40A.

View all UL FHIT listings.

If you have questions about these systems or allowable uses, please contact Ray Horner, Director-Codes and Standards via email: rhorner@atkore.com.

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