Atkore is the premier supplier of Electrical Raceway Systems for the electrical industry. For all of your PVC Electrical Raceway needs, Atkore manufactures and distributes PVC conduits, elbows, and fittings under both the Heritage Plastics and Allied Tube & Conduit® brands. Whether it’s underground or above ground Allied Tube & Conduit® PVC Conduit, Elbows, and Fittings can be found on job-sites across North America.

For Commercial, Industrial and Utility usage: Allied Tube & Conduit® PVC Electrical Conduit is proven durable and effective for years of maintenance-free performance in underground, encased and exposed applications in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

Allied Tube & Conduit® manufactures schedule 40, schedule 80, direct burial, and encased burial conduits for all of your electrical wiring needs. PVC Conduit provides non-metallic protection for your cables and conductors that provides good insulation without power loss or conductor heating. Allied Tube & Conduit®’s PVC Conduit, elbows, and fittings create an Electrical Raceway System that is sunlight, corrosion, and fire resistant.

With both PVC Conduit and steel conduit manufacturing plants across the country, Allied Tube & Conduit® is dedicated to serving the needs of the electrical industry. In our commitment to provide superior service and value to customers, Allied PVC Conduit, elbows and fittings are stocked at distributions centers across the country. Allied’s PVC Conduit, elbows, and fittings are part of the Atkore Electrical Raceway portfolio of products and can be co-loaded with many of our other Allied Tube & Conduit® and Atkore Electrical Raceway Products.

To learn more about the benefits of using Allied Brand PVC Conduit and to see a complete list of our PVC Conduit raceway products please browse our offerings and experience the benefits of Allied Tube & Conduit®s raceway products.

  • PVC Rigid Conduit

    PVC Rigid Conduit

    Allied PVC conduit and duct is for commercial, industrial and utility usage; durable and effective in underground, encased and exposed applications

  • PVC Accessories


    PVC expansion couplings, pipe straps, meter accessories, meter offsets, pulling elbows, meter hubs and service entrance fittings.

  • PVC Couplings and Adapters

    Couplings and Adapters

    Locate the PVC couplings, terminal adapters, female adapters that you need to work with your PVC project.

  • PVC Elbows

    Elbows – Standard Radius

    PVC Schedule 40 standard radius elbows, plain end, bell end and PVC Schedule 80 standard radius elbows both plain end and bell end.

  • PVC Elbows

    Elbows – Special Radius

    Special radius PVC elbows and radius sweeps for Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 both plain end and belled end.

  • Fiberglass Elbow

    Fiberglass Elbows

    Fiberglass Elbows are strong, but lighter weight than metal. Fiberglass Elbows provide a faster and easier installation as compared to galvanized rigid steel or PVC coated elbows.

  • PVC Duct Spacers

    Duct Spacers

    PVC plastic duct spacers for completely enclosed and locked-in duct banks, snap together, vertically, slide together horizontally for fast, secure field assembly.

  • PVC Access Fittings

    Access Fittings

    PVC Access fittings are available in different types: type C, type LB, type LL, type LR, type E, and type T access fittings.

  • PVC Cover Plates and Box Covers

    Cover Plates and Box Covers

    PVC Cover Plates, F Series, as single gang, double gang, and triple gang cover plates. PVC Weatherproof box covers are also available single & double gang.

  • PVC Exposed Boxes

    Exposed Boxes

    PVC exposed boxes are available as single gang, double gang & triple gang F Series, octagonal boxes, junction boxes & extension rings.

  • PVC Fittings, Misc and Solvent Cement

    PVC Fittings – Miscellaneous

    PVC Fittings available: end cap, junction box adapters, end bell molded, reducer bushings, poly plug with pulling eye, conduit cement and PVC primer.

  • feature-img-junction-boxes-accessories

    Junction Boxes & Accessories

    Junction boxes with self tapping screws, brass screw inserts, octagonal boxes, box rings, floor box cover, floor box leveling ring and base, adapter kit and divider kit.