Steel Bushing for Rigid Conduit

Allied Tube & Conduit offers Steel Bushing for Rigid Conduit, IMC and EMT.

Steel Bushings are built for durability and long-life with a main body made from steel and an insulating sleeve is polyetherimide (PEI) rated 150 C. They eliminate the use of the locknut and solves the problem of not enough thread left to engage the bushing after installing the locknut.

Steel Bushings are essentially a locknut and bushing in one body, where the small diameter of the locknut, with the internal threads, is “stretched” to receive the insulating sleeve. In applications where the connector or threaded pipe requires a bushing to be installed, there is no need for a separate bushing.

Steel Bushings are an innovative product offering that provides two products in one, requiring only one assembly step instead of two.  Because of this unique feature, there are no other products like this available on the market.

These Steel Bushings offer a multitude of features and benefits.  They allow you to save time in assembly and also carry less inventory due to our steel bushings serving the purpose of two products.  In addition, installers will no longer face the problem of insufficient threads left for a separate bushing.

Additional Features include:

  • The plastic liner will not chip, crack, swell or shrink.
  • Resists corrosion, chemicals and temperature extremes
  • RoHS Compliant

Applications include installing connectors to a box that require a bushing with insulating sleeve, and installing a threaded pipe directly into a box (and in similar applications that require grounding lugs).

Steel Bushings are installed primarily inside a box where the wet/dry location compliance is determined by the box.

Applicable third party standards for Steel Bushings include:

  • UL file number: E207875, E212551
  • Listed to UL Standard: 514B, 467

Steel Bushings are also available with lay-in lugs, copper and aluminum, for grounding. The lugs will take wires sizes #14- #4 – copper and #12- #4 – aluminum.