25 Mar 2019

Super KwikCouple Conduit Raintight

Allied Tube & Conduit® is pleased to announce that their NEW Super Kwik-Couple® Raintight has been named EC&M Magazine 2019 Product of the Year category winner.

Super Kwik-Couple® Raintight was judged the winner in the Conduit, Raceways & Wireways category.

This new integrated coupling allows you to connect GRC to IMC or EMT, or IMC to GRC or EMT whether your conduit is threaded or unthreaded. Each of those aspects are interchangeable. Now that’s an industry changer!

Think about what Super Kwik-Couple® Raintight conduit can do for you:

  • Speeds up installation
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces material costs
  • Flexible design
  • Eliminates field threading

View the Super Kwik-Couple® Raintight Conduit in IMC or GRC.

Overall, there were 35 category winners EC&M received and more than 100 entries, which were evaluated carefully by a panel of judges, representing electrical professionals from the engineering, contracting, plant facilities and maintenance industries. The category winners will go on to compete for the 2019 Product of the Year Platinum, Gold and Silver awards, which will be determined through an upcoming online readers’ poll and announced in the August 2019 issue.

Congratulations to the entire Super Kwik-Couple® Raintight team for their hard work and innovation!

EC&M Product of the Year Category Winner