4 Apr 2017

ecm-product-of-year-2017Allied Tube & Conduit® is proud and honored to announce that Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit, our latest product innovation, was recently named a category winner in the prestigious 2017 EC&M Product of the Year competition.

Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit captured the Conduit, Raceway & Wireways crown after a thorough review by a group of independent judges. The panel of judges, represented electrical professionals from the engineering, contracting, plant facilities and maintenance industries. The category winners will go on to compete for the 2017 Product of the Year Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards.

Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit’s innovative design allows you to easily and quickly make the transition from GRC to IMC or EMT, or from IMC to GRC or EMT, eliminating the need for threading equipment, special couplings or tools. Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit also removes the need for combination fittings and field threading.

Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit and is a game changer in the industry offering features and benefits such as:

  • Speed of Installation:Just insert the conduit and tighten the compression nut and you’re done!
  • Reduce Labor Cost:Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit and elbows connect quicker than Standard Couplings and 3-Piece Couplings.
  • Reduced Material Cost: Super Kwik-Couple® conduit and Elbows eliminate the need to purchase or inventory 3-Piece Couplings.
  • Flexible Design:Innovative design allows for easy transitions for GRC, IMC and EMT.
  • Eliminates Field Threading: Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit connects to threaded or unthreaded product – saving you labor and space on the job site.

Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit and Super Kwik-Couple® elbows reduce both installation time and inventory costs. They provide a Kwik ‘n easy installation of bends, offsets and elbows. The new compact design allows for installation in tight spaces. This Super Kwik-Couple® coupling can be easily removed from the conduit and reinstalled in seconds using standard tongue and groove pliers or a strap wrench.

The Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit is a patented steel super coupling factory installed on IMC and Rigid conduits and rigid elbows and is available on trade sizes 2-1/2″ through 4″.